Connecting worldwide

Our company is interested in working together to exchange traffic with both large national operators , and with small company .


Our good stable routes:

  • Europe, 56% ASR, 5+ ACD
  • Routes to Tajikistan, 40% ASR, 4+ ACD
  • Routes to Ukraine, 45% ASR, 4+ ACD
  • Routes to Pakistan, 45% ASR, 4+ ACD
  • Routes to Uzbekistan, 40% ASR, 5+ ACD
  • Routes to Russia, 40% ASR, 5+ ACD

Worldwide Services

Solutions for Callshop

With our solution,  owners of multiple callshops and Internet cafés can instantly create an easy manageable business network and provide attractive and user-friendly services to their resellers and callshop clients.

Hosted IP PBX services

Our solution is a single software platform which delivers private branch exchange (PBX) functionality as a service (hosted IP PBX solution) and can be successfully used for SIP trunking business supporting:

Connecting worldwide

VoIP Wholesale

With a VoIP wholesale traffic solution, wholesale carriers can offer call exchange services to affiliate VoIP service providers worldwide. 


We are selling...

Dear partners, 
We have route to:
791 Russia Mobile MTS            0.0403
798 Russia Mobile MTS            0.0403
792 Russia Megafon Mobile 0.0403
793 Russia Megafon Mobile 0.0403

We are buying...

We would like to ask if you could offer us United Kingdom 441/442 route at rate: 0.0044. Please be kind and inform us if you can offer this route at the price that we requested.
Please offer us your best price for this destination.

About us:

About Us

Company Badaki Co was founded in the U.S. in 2006 and is one of the leading telecommunications companies with a focus on VoIP. The company has representative offices in Russia , Ukraine and Germany . Our clients are large international telecommunications company , the average telecom market operators , mobile operators , providers of IP-telephony , as well as private and business customers . We are pleased to provide our partners with high-quality services for the transfer of voice data and flexible card platforms for individual regions. Our main activity is high-quality transmission of voice traffic in the CIS , Europe, North America, Middle East for major international telecommunications companies and smaller operators telecommunications market. We also provide business services for corporate clients VPN Badaki Company has the following resources to provide services that are of high quality , reliability and stability :
• Monthly bandwidth to the infrastructure of more than 150 million minutes .
• Internet Channel 50 G (Level3) ( planned to extend to 100G)
• Points of presence in Frankfurt , New York, Moscow, Kiev, Hong Kong ( scheduled for launch )
• Partnerships with global operators as IP networks (Level ( 3 ), Tata Communications) and recognized by system integrators and suppliers of complete solutions in the field of voice and data , as well as individual products suppliers .
• Direct Docking with partners via TDM or Ethernet channels at points of presence
• Support for both protocols SIP, H323
• More than 100 partners in 35 countries
• Different levels of quality provided by the traffic (Premium, Standard)
• Round the clock technical support with a variety of levels of SLA
• Technology platform for Cisco, ALOE
• Intelligent analysis and monitoring traffic in real time
• The main directions of traffic: Europe, North America , CIS
• Corporate innovation policy and monitoring the latest technologies in the field of voice and data .
• Liability in respect of partners , flexibility and commitment to mutually beneficial compromise.

Working with our company you’ll get connected to qualified voice exchange either TDM technology or mobile connection, our fully redundant switching platform supports SIP and H.323 signaling along with a large range of codecs with integrated transcoding, you can use our computer or smartphone applications connected to the Internet due to saving money.

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Adress: TransAtlantCom LLC
16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes,
Delaware 19958, USA

Phone: +1 (617) 7449055
Fax: +1 (617) 849-5696
Cell: +1 (617) 7449055